Landshark was created by Aaron Dill, Tyler Allen, Tyler Page, Peter Fortenberry, and Kevin Adams as a junior project for the 2018-2019 school year at Oregon Tech.

What is landshark?

Digitized Field Manual

We digitized the Washington Department of Transportation civil engineer field manual for a team of engineers. This was done in the form of a native android application. The  field manual contained many mathematical formulas.

Record Keeping

The android application also allowed engineers to choose a formula and submit entries to a database containing the associated formula, values for each of the variables in the formula, the units associated with those values, a label, and additional notes. These data entries also contained the name of the user who submitted them as well as the work site the data was submitted from.

Administrative Tool

Along with the android application, we developed a web application as an administrative tool. This application allowed CRUD actions for formulas, formula categories, user logins, and work sites.