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This site will expand as we ourselves do, currently you will find a number of games and game assets under the 'Projects' sub-menu. You can also check out all of our downloadable projects on our here.

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Indie horror game Concluse.

An atmospheric horror game developed alongside Studio Snowspot. Concluse is a tribute to 90s horror games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil. We handled the programming and UI design of the project.


CONCLUSE Android Port


Experience PSX horror on your mobile device. We handled porting Concluse over to android by configuring mobile controls and performing mobile optimization.


The Emulator


Made originally in one week for Scream Jam 2018 with Studio Snowspot and Clement Panchout. A serial killer straight from the deep web has been unleashed, can you figure out how to survive? We did all the programming and UI work in this project, along with general development inside of Unity.