Indie Developer

Indie game developer and software engineer working on various projects across multiple genres.


Condensed Portfolio

First Person Horror Games


I worked as the lead programmer on Concluse, The Emulator, and Concluse 2 with Studio Snowspot. All of which can be found on Steam for PC and Mac. I also ported Concluse and The Emulator to GooglePlay to be played on Android. These were all larger projects that spanned months  of development.

Third Person Medieval Prototypes


My first released prototypes included The Lone Knight and Halloween themed Lone Knight: Halloween Demo. I learned a lot from working on souls-like combat, NPC dialogue, simple enemy AI, more complex animator controllers (Unity), as well as doing the level design myself.

Game Jams


I've taken part in a number of small game jams, which taught me a lot about scoping as well as time management. 

Jam submissions:

Game Assets


I have released a number of 3D game assets on and OpenGameArt. Most of the assets were made for jams, cancelled prototypes, or just for practice with modeling and texturing.



I am currently working towards my Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering at the Oregon Institute of Technology. I've worked on a number of various applications as course work as well as having internship experience.