Indie Developer

Indie game developer and software engineer working on various projects across multiple genres.


Condensed Portfolio

First Person Horror Games


I worked as the lead programmer on Concluse, The Emulator, and Concluse 2 with Studio Snowspot. All of which can be found on Steam for PC and Mac. I also ported Concluse and The Emulator to GooglePlay to be played on Android. 

Third Person Medieval Prototypes


My first released prototypes included The Lone Knight and Halloween themed Lone Knight: Halloween Demo in 2017. 

Game Jams


I've taken part in a number of small game jams normally a week in length. 

Jam submissions:

Game Assets


I have released a number of 3D game assets on and OpenGameArt. Most of the assets were made for jams, cancelled prototypes, or just for practice with modeling and texturing.



I am currently working towards my Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering at the Oregon Institute of Technology. I've also worked as a software engineering intern.